November Exhibit: Ian Sharp & Friends; A Gathering in Thankfulness

Ian’s work, carefully framed by his father, George Sharp, looked wonderful on the walls of the gallery. Well attended by friends, family and others who had heard about the exhibit, the reception was a terrific success! It was an emotional experience for me and I know others felt the same. To see his work for the first time since his memorial was difficult and incredible at the same time. Ian’s impact on his community was clear – he viewed life from a connected creative perspective that he never hesitated to share. Love – was everything, in all its forms, and was the basis for the way he lived and made art. We miss him – but we feel him near.

A small offering of his friends work also hangs nearby, as a tribute to how Ian inspired them. Words come with the submissions, bringing clarity to those whom he touched. There are many more who, but for the small size of the gallery, would be part of this show…but spring is coming and a new exhibit is in the works.

The show continues through the end of November, every Sat/Sun from noon till 4pm. at Amity Gallery, 110 Newport Bridge Rd., Warwick, NY. Reach the gallery from County. Rte. 1 turning on Amity Rd., follow to where Amity Rd. becomes Newport Bridge Rd. Gallery just ahead on right.

Ian Exhibit Nov 8th reception 2014 007

Ian Exhibit Nov 8th reception 2014 009

Ian Exhibit Nov 8th reception 2014 005

Ian Exhibit Nov 8th reception 2014 008

One Love, Ian.

Ian swirls light


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