December Artist of the Month ~ Hannah Emery

Greetings from Sharp Arts!

December is almost upon us! The quick slide into the winter holidays happens fast with this late Thanksgiving. Sharp Arts will feature a local creative person each month starting this December! Each week will feature an aspect of their creativity. Introducing Hannah Louise Emery!

Hannah and more 011

In my recent email interview with Hannah she filled me in on how these drawings came about ~ I asked her what motivated her to draw:

“I began drawing these particular designs over the summer, after graduating from college. I found the absence of structure and “work” in the traditional sense to be incredibly liberating and fulfilling. I engaged in creative expression daily during college through playing music, yet I wasn’t able to find the time to draw while in school. Thus, the infinitely accessible and multidimensional artistic freedom that I began experiencing after graduation is somewhat different. I began drawing because I simply felt like doing it, and it made me really happy. It’s a wonderful feeling!”

What inspired you to make these drawings, these designs:

“I love African art as well as animals, so I suppose I subconsciously combined the two elements in these drawings. Furthermore, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was a very important factor which inspired the development of these designs. I decided to make the drawings public as products for sale in an effort to raise money for UNICEF, as this organization is extremely active and effective in response to the epidemic. Of course I was still enjoying myself immensely, but now my art obtained an important purpose.”

elephant drawing cropped

Hannah and more 009

Hannah is offering her designs printed on off-white canvas tote bags and as note cards (see below). Great design, practical and pretty…but even better, part of the proceeds from each sale go to UNICEF. What a wonderful gift idea!

Lion Tote – $30 (tax included, add $5 shipping/handling)

Lion tote image and bag

Elephant Tote – $30 (tax included, add $5 shipping/handling)

elephant tote front and back

Note Cards: $20 – box of 8 cards (2 each of the 4 designs featured below) –

Elephant and Lion Note Cards

Monkey and Tree of Life Note Cards

View of cards boxed, front and back –

Note Cards front view

Note Cards back view

Contact Hannah to order at HanMade ~ email:

Or through her Facebook page ~

Hannah’s bags and cards will also be for sale at The Amity Gallery “Small Treasures’ Show which runs noon till 4pm every Saturday and Sunday from 12/1~12/21 ~ 110 Newport Bridge Rd. Warwick, NY. More info: 845-258-4655

More about Hannah….

Hannah Emery was born in New York City in August 1992, and is the daughter of James and Colleen Emery. Colleen serves as a community organizer for the Gerry Foundation, and James is a renowned guitarist and composer. They have lived in Warwick for nineteen years, where Hannah was a student in the PIE program at Kings Elementary School. She attended Mountain Laurel Waldorf School for middle school, and graduated from Oakwood Friends School in 2010. In May, 2014, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Skidmore College, with a BA in French and Music. During her college career, she toured Italy with the Varna International Chamber Orchestra. She spent her junior year abroad in Paris, and at the conclusion of her senior year, she and her father were soloists in the world premiere of the Double Concerto for Clarinet and Guitar. Her father composed the piece for her and the Skidmore College Orchestra.

As a result of her enriching experience as a Waldorf student, she plans to obtain a Masters in Waldorf education while developing studies in clarinet performance. It was through the Steiner-based curriculum that Hannah was able to connect with and foster her creative self. She recently began creating African-themed drawings, which are printed on bags and cards. UNICEF receives a percentage of profits towards Ebola relief and aid. Hannah currently spends her time drawing, working as a textile conservationist, teaching and playing clarinet, and working as a teacher’s assistant at Green Meadow Waldorf School.

Thanks to Rooster Tees, Warwick, NY for the bags printing – visit them here:

Thanks to Warwick Press, Warwick, NY for the cards printing – website:



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