January Artist of the Month: Melinda Marks Burgard

Why sing alone when you can sing along with Melinda!

melinda w guitar promo pic

Melinda Marks Burgard makes people smile, people of all ages and persuasions, life styles and life situations. She is one of our Warwick creatives and has shared her talents for many years – from age 2 winning a poolside contest (she wanted the prize!) to ‘Melinda’s Music’ (a music/creative arts therapy program) based in Warwick, NY.

melinda child piano

Melinda and kids

Melinda’s Music website offers information about her work: http://www.melindasmusic.com/

melindas music

Follow Melinda’s Music on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melindas-Music/87296207460?sk=timeline


Melinda’s Story

Classically trained in violin, attending elementary to high school in a Long Island district that supported the arts, Melinda’s youth was rich in musical experiences. Her summer at a sleep-away camp at age 10 found her encouraged by counselors to take guitar lessons. She received her first guitar as a Bat Mitzvah gift, which became her main instrument.

melinda's first guitar

In college, Melinda majored in music taking oboe lessons with a local engineer who played in community symphonies. Lesson time was spent learning the oboe and talking out life’s challenges and issues, giving Melinda her first taste of ‘music therapy’. Melinda also minored in dance as she loved movement, which would also figure in to her future musical endeavor.

melinda three instruments b&w

melinda and guitar

Next week’s post: More about Melinda and her musical path… stay tuned!


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