Linda Mensch – Feb AOTM Interview – Part One!

More about Linda ~ handcrafted jewelry!

linda sepia

SAC ~ How did you come to make jewelry? Where did this creative adventure begin?

Linda ~ “Dance was always my “thing”. My sister was the ‘work with your hands’ person. I believed I was not able to create with my hands. When I was teaching dance at The Gowanus Arts Exchange in Brooklyn, Elise Long (the director) told us we were going to have a Christmas craft fair and said, “everyone go home and make something to sell”. I thought, “Oh boy, I don’t know how to make anything but dances.”

Linda Mensch Jewelry

“I was in a fun, funky toy store and saw this beautiful jar of marbles and found myself wishing I could wear them as jewelry. Mentioning that, the owner of the store asked if I would like her to call a findings company and ask them what we would need to make them into jewelry. She did, and ordered the supplies for me. I sold out at the craft fair and also got lots of orders for Christmas. From that small craft fair and subsequent orders, grew Linda Mensch’s Lost Marbles.”

“My jewelry was in Country Living Magazine, Victoria, and the movie Object of My Affection. My friend’s store, Plain Jane, was selling my jewelry at their Manhattan store – I was selling it wholesale. Realizing my hands could do creative work and seeing how much fun it was to make things, I have made jewelry ever since. I have taken classes, I love experimenting with different elements, objects, etc. My jewelry can now be found in Warwick at Newhards The Home Source, Conscious Fork, Whole Foods in N.J., Maria Louisa Boutique in Nyack and directly through me.”

game bracelet

SAC ~ Do you have a favorite jewelry designer or crafts-person?

Linda ~ “I don’t really have a favorite jewelry designer. I have very eclectic taste in the jewelry that I buy. I love re-purposed jewelry as well as fine jewelry.”

SAC ~ What, or who, influenced your work?

Linda ~ “The work I am doing now started when I was living in the UK. I bought a piece of jewelry at a flea market. It was an image behind glass. I always wanted to learn how to do this. Later, in Warwick, I noticed someone was selling this type of jewelry at Apple Fest and I asked if she would teach me. She told me to take a stained glass class and I would understand how to make it. I took a class the very next week.”

Bakelite poker chip earrings

SAC ~ What is the most difficult part of the process?

Linda ~ “Sometimes soldering gets to me, I am not fond of the smell.”

SAC ~ What about the process is the most fun?

Linda ~ “I love coming up with new images or ways to change what I have already started doing. I have also been learning how to sew. I have been making some fabric jewelry and working on handbags, of which I am a collector.”

SAC ~ What inspires you?

Linda ~ “I am always looking at what people are wearing. Pinterest has become a new source of inspiration, along with books, magazines, and junk drawers.”

Iconic Image Pendants on display
Iconic Image Pendants on display

For jewelry info or acquisition, contact Linda via her Facebook page:

You can see more photos of Linda’s handcrafted jewelry from her Facebook page here:

COMING UP… Our interview with Linda Mensch, part two: It’s all about DANCE!


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