April Artist of the Month: Caroline Siecke-Pape

SAC interview with Caroline: Encaustic and more…

'Italian Church'‘Italian Church’

SAC ~ Creative expression – what is your favorite or current (or both)?

Caroline ~ Mostly painting – lately loving Encaustic.

SAC ~ Tell us something about the Encaustic process, and what you love about it?

Caroline ~ I love the Encaustic process – it’s meditative to heat up the wax on a hot plate and brush it onto board. I like to get contrasting textures on the same piece. Smooth and shiny next to rough and brush stroke-y. My favorite part is buffing it to a shine when my piece is done.

hummingbirdrevisioned 1 and 2

SAC ~What medium do you usually paint in, and what do you like/dislike about that medium?

Caroline ~ When I’m not painting with Encaustic, I paint with acrylic or I draw with a pen. I am fascinated with lines and how they interact on a surface. Every medium can be frustrating sometimes, but a lot of times the mistakes turn into something amazing that you wouldn’t have imagined without trying.

trio hummingbirds

SAC ~ Were you always interested in drawing and painting? Who encouraged you?

Caroline ~ I would draw and write as a child and did well in art in high school. My high school art teacher encouraged me to apply to Savannah College of art and Design where I studied illustration. After college I gravitated toward graphic design and would paint on the side.


SAC ~ Were there any particular inspirations or motivators that sparked you to draw? What or who are your subjects for your painting/Encaustic?

Caroline ~ I tend to home in on one subject matter for a while, then burnout on it. For a while I really enjoyed doing religious icons. I’m not a religious person, but some of the stories and images are so intriguing. Then I was doing a lot of birds – hummingbirds in particular. I loved being able to do a feather in one brush stroke. Now I’ve been mixing architecture in with birds. I like the juxtaposition of man-made and natural.

'St. George'‘St. George’

'Sleeping Magi'‘Sleeping Magi’

SAC ~ During our conversation you mentioned to me you liked to write, do you still enjoy writing?

Caroline ~ I don’t write much anymore. I would write and draw a lot as a child when I got grounded as punishment. A lot of time these ideas would come from somewhere else – almost like channeling. I would go into a zone and not realize what I had created until it was done.

SAC ~ Do you have a favorite painter or illustrator?

Caroline ~ Wow. Hmm – favorite? It changes all the time. When I was studying illustration in college my favorites were Maurice Sendak, Ralph Steadman, and Aubrey Beardsley. Favorite painters include German Expressionists like Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and Oskar Kokoschka. Work in Encaustic lately has me appreciating abstract art.

adam and eve series

SAC ~ Where do your influences for your work come from?

Caroline ~ I’m influenced all the time. Mostly by friends and what I see and how I feel. My friend Valerie at Art Works has always been encouraging and my friend Linda introduced me to Encaustic and has invited me to work in her studio several times.

SAC ~ What about the process is the most fun? Do you have a routine or ritual that gets you working?

Caroline ~ Looking at art books and my own scribbles and sketches gets ideas going. Lately I’ve been combining my own sketches and drawings together which is interesting because I’ll blend two or three different time periods of my own work. It’s introspective, retrospective and forward-looking all in one.


Visit Caroline’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sieckepapeart?ref=hl

And her Pinterest page for more! https://www.pinterest.com/sieckepape/



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